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It was a big day for the GoGetDem Wheelchair Racing Club. A wheelchair accessible van was donated to the club by Gods Gift Charity. This is a huge accomplishment for the club and we wish to sincerely thank everyone who helped make this dream a reality! We extend a very special thanks to Madam Gifty (Gods Gift Charity), Razak Mohammed (Confiscated Vehicles at the Castle), Felix Kodjo (Assistant Commissioner, Tema Port) and Daniel Nii Mensah (Dan de-Van group of companies).

This van will significantly impact transportation options not only for Ghanaian's living with physics disabilities, but also to foreigners with special needs wishing to visit Ghana. Please contact the club directly to discuss your transportation needs.

Through proper management we will maximize the potential of this incredible opportunity that has been given to us. We will be the example of what is possible and what is needed in this country.


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